A healthier workplace... one step at a time

Workplace Wellness programs are trending. Employers are investing big bucks in multi-faceted programs designed to help employees amp up overall wellness. Calories are being counted. Treadmills and bikes are racking up the miles. FitBits have become the rage. Contests are underway. For some, weight is coming off and health is improving.

Other people are more like us. We refuse to give up the foods we love. We can barely last 24 hours on any diet. We obsess when we have to count calories or steps. You might even say we’re a lot like Frank Sinatra–we like doing things OUR way!

You know as an employer that when it comes to body type, activity level, preferences and lifestyle, your employees are very different from each other. Their paths to wellness are different too. Our programs leverage that individuality and are designed to help each person discover what works best for them.