ADHD The Natural Way

Thinking Outside The Pill Box

Psychology Today asks an interesting question about ADHD:

“Is it a true disorder or a collection of naturally occurring behaviors that are less tolerated in today’s high-demand world?”

Great question… and I see where they’re going with this. No doubt ADHD behavior can be annoying and super frustrating for all involved. Tolerating it is often not an easy thing to do. The behavior does seem “out of order,” but is it a true disorder in the medical sense?

I say it’s not… but as the parent, your opinion is the one that matters here.


This website presents my NATURAL approach to dealing with a child’s ADHD. I don’t see ADHD as a disorder at all… and I certainly don’t think medication is the answer. Whatever your opinion is regarding medication, I respect it wholeheartedly. I truly mean that! You and I may disagree on the matter, but I’m not here to get you to change your mind.

On the other hand, if you’re already thinking that maybe medication isn’t your answer and you’re looking for some effective ideas to help you manage your child’s ADHD, then you’re in the right place. I may be somewhat biased, but I think you’ll find some worthwhile ideas here.


One more thing… In case you’re interested.

Especially when it comes to making big decisions, I’m a big believer in listening to that little voice inside. Not the one that screams, “No. Don’t. You’re gonna die! You’re supposed to do it this way.” Not the one packed with fear that holds me back by scaring the daylights out of me. The voice I’m talking about is my WISE inner voice… the one that whispers, “This just feels right for me, no matter what anyone else thinks.” This inner voice is the one that always has my back.

Your wise inner voice has your back too and whatever it’s saying about medication is what’s right for you and your child.

If doing things the NATURAL way feels right to you but you’re not sure how, I’be be happy to help.

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