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... you're closer than you think


Oh yes, I know what it is to do things the hard way. My strategy was to struggle, persist and effort my way to things. Sometimes I got what I wanted and other times all I got was more struggle.

It’s tough to even imagine it doesn’t have to be that way… that you really can have the things you want… and it doesn’t have to feel like such a grind to get them.

You absolutely can have what you want and you don’t have to know the details now. If you think what you want is impossible for you, think again. I happen to know otherwise.

Let Law of Attraction Help You Get It

You know the story. You’ve barely pulled out of the driveway when the little kid in the backseat asks, “Are we THERE yet?”   Well, kids aren’t the only ones asking the question. We all do it. We ask it about getting the job we want, the relationship we’re longing...

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If Will Smith Can Do It, So Can We

There’s a great six-minute YouTube video called Will Smith on the Law of Attraction that would clear up any questions we might have about why the guy is so amazingly successful. It’s totally worth watching.   The star says, “Make a choice. Decide what it’s gonna...

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There’s Enough For Everyone

When we live in a world where it seems like there’s not enough of the things we all desire, the concept of abundance can be a tough one to grasp.   Let’s take money for instance.   How can there be enough money for everyone when we look around and see that...

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Surviving Eat Fests

As a weight loss coach, something I can always count on is that new clients will get nervous about attending social events that include food. They worry there won’t be any healthy choices for them to eat and that if they do eat, they won’t be able to stop.   This...

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Don’t Let The Bargain Foods Sucker You In

I ran into a friend in the grocery store today and our quick 30-second conversation got me thinking.   This man often talks about his health and how he’s trying to improve it. He watches what he calls “his numbers” –- his weight, cholesterol and blood pressure –...

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You Won’t Find That Here

I’m a huge fan of sports… especially high school basketball. I’ve played, coached the younger ones and absolutely love watching kids on the court. I watch the sidelines too… specifically the coaches. I find how they interact with their players (and referees for that...

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Hi there!

I'm Lisa Cavallaro and I used to be a pro at making things complicated. With complete confidence I can tell you that if you're not where you'd like to be in life right now, things CAN get better. You're more normal than you think. There's a whole world of happiness out there that exists just for you... and you can find it.