When it comes to creating healthy eating, exercise and just plain life habits, there’s the hard way to do it… and then there’s a way that feels much less like work. Here, we take the second route and get way better results.

We’re nothing about limits and all about possibility.

Our number one rule is not following any.

Self-judgment goes out the window.

Deprivation becomes a thing of the past.

And things we never thought could happen start happening.

If creating healthy habits is on your agenda, hopefully you’ll find just the right amount of inspiration here on the site to help you do it. If support is what you’re after, my one-to-one or group offers might be just what you’re looking for. Either way, I’m here to support you and I really love hearing success stories. Email and fill me in on yours.


Surviving Eat Fests

As a weight loss coach, something I can always count on is that new clients will get nervous about attending social events that include food. They worry there won’t be any healthy choices for them to eat and that if they do eat, they won’t be able to stop.   This...

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Don’t Let The Bargain Foods Sucker You In

I ran into a friend in the grocery store today and our quick 30-second conversation got me thinking.   This man often talks about his health and how he’s trying to improve it. He watches what he calls “his numbers” –- his weight, cholesterol and blood pressure –...

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You Won’t Find That Here

I’m a huge fan of sports… especially high school basketball. I’ve played, coached the younger ones and absolutely love watching kids on the court. I watch the sidelines too… specifically the coaches. I find how they interact with their players (and referees for that...

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What KIND of Hungry are You?

Inauguration day 2017 was a day most Americans will remember, especially my husband and me. We were in New York when I received a phone call from a landscaper who said he was driving by our one-year-old home in Florida and saw water “gushing” from underneath the...

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When Calorie World Feels Like Torture

I recently had a very interesting conversation with someone I’ve known a short while. He was telling me that he’s dropped 20 pounds in the last two months. He did it by giving up alcohol and carbs and by counting calories. His plan is to continue for two more months...

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The Only Recipe That Matters

One topic inevitably comes up every time I mention that I help people lose weight and keep it off. Almost always, the person I’m speaking with will want to talk about healthy recipes.   “Oh yes, I have a favorite,” I tell them. It’s the best kind of recipe—only...

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Lisa Cavallaro and I've got an approach to health and wellness that most people find fascinating. I believe it begins on the inside and that each one of us has what it takes to make better things happen. One thing for sure is that anything that feels like a struggle is actually a cue to try a different way to get what you want. Health and happiness is something we have more control over than we were taught to believe as kids and embracing this notion can be the first step to much better things! Whether it's health or happiness, if you're not where you'd like to be right now, don't worry. You're more normal than you might think. Better possibilities do exist for you... and you'll find them.