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The brain is a powerful instrument. Science proves it can be trained.

Managing our brain is about rewriting the old programming that doesn’t fit with what we want to create for ourselves.

It’s about un-learning things we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves, other people and greater possibilities.

And the best thing about managing our brain is that it leads us to the results we want, instead of the ones we think we can’t have.

The traditional education I received growing up did not teach this. So I teach it now.


Because limits feel restrictive AND painful… and anything that feels painful is an absolute lie.

I think kids should know that if they change the thoughts they think, they’ll get the results they want.

Can you imagine knowing how to manage your thoughts when you were a kid? I know I could have avoided a lot of self-doubt. I would have pursued more and struggled less and I’m guessing the same may be true for you.

These programs were created specifically for teacher workshops. I trust the pros take it from there.

Teacher workshops are currently available in the Central NY and South FL areas. Schedule a free consultation to discuss details.

Cultivating Confidence in Kids

Self-confidence may come natural to a few, but for most it’s a skill that needs to be developed. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a perspective, language and tools designed to help kids develop confidence and inner strength to last a lifetime. Confident kids (and adults) are also far less likely to fall prey to bullies. They won’t let anyone affect how they feel about their own self-worth.

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Healthy Eating 101

Introduces a healthy eating approach that focuses on helping people create lifelong habits. Teachers will be given information and tools to share with students that will help all better understand their own body’s signals. This presentation provides a language for viewing eating in a whole new light – one that makes it easier for kids and adults to create healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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