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Cultivating Confidence in Kids

Teacher Workshop Proposal

The Objective:

Self-confidence may come natural to a few, but for most it’s a skill that needs to be developed. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a perspective, language and tools designed to help kids develop confidence and inner strength to last a lifetime. As an added bonus, confident kids (and adults) are far less likely to fall prey to bullies. A confident kid (or adult) will not let the aggressive behavior of another affect how they feel about their own self-worth.

This presentation focuses on language and techniques teachers can use with kids to help them develop self-confidence they can draw upon for a lifetime. Teachers find this approach helpful in their own lives and easy to share with kids. These are skills that last a lifetime and everyone will benefit from using in all future relationships with peers, bosses, coworkers, partners and more.

The Outcome:

After attending this presentation, teachers will feel well equipped to help students feel better about themselves and their abilities. They’ll have talking points and activities to use in the classroom that will help kids build a strong foundation that fosters increased self-confidence that does not depend on the behavior of others.

Your Presenter:

Lisa Cavallaro, M.A. is the author of No More Drama: how to make peace with your defiant kid and ADHD The Natural Way: thinking outside the pillbox. A graduate of Syracuse University, Lisa has a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, is a master certified life and weight loss coach and reiki master. She is the founder of Aim High & Lead, a NYS Certified WBE (Woman-owned Business Enterprise) and is a wife, mother and grandmother, working with adults and kids since 2002.

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