A Necessary Step To Getting What We Want

THUD! I couldn’t see it from my seat, but my husband and two other guys did. We were enjoying our drinks on the patio outside Starbucks when a bird obviously mistook the clean window for open thoroughfare, crashed himself beak first and dropped to the ground.

Mark interrupted my phone conversation with our daughter to tell me about the poor bird. “You might want to Reiki that bird over there,” he said.

I got right up and went over to the motionless bird. As I did, I could hear Mark telling the guy next to him about my history with birds and Reiki. But the third guy who was sitting right next to the bird was clearly upset and scared for the creature.

The guy looked at me. “He’s dead. Look at him. He’s dead.”

“He’s not dead,” I reassured him. “He’ll be fine. Don’t worry. I’m going to Reiki him.”

The guy: “No. Look at him. He’s not moving.”

Me: “He’s fine.”

The thirty-something looked at me like there was something wrong with MY head. Poor man. I really confused him when I said I was 4 for 4 saving birds with Reiki.

I stayed on the phone with Marisa and sent the bird Reiki for a couple minutes. The guy watched in amazement. Then I went back to my chair and kept talking.

A couple minutes later, I walked over to check on my feathered friend. He was standing, staring right up at me.

A couple minutes after that, I walked over to check on him again and just as I got there, he FLEW… practically touching me… right past our table… tapping my green straw as he soared on by.

How cool is that? A tap of gratitude from a happy bird! (Yes, I replaced the straw.)

The worried guy who had never heard of Reiki struggled to imagine anything could help that bird. But my husband and I have witnessed this five times now.

What I’ve learned is that even when things don’t look so good in the moment, it helps to keep the faith.

Things can change and they can change fast. Ask the five birds.

But I get it… not everyone has heard of Reiki. If you haven’t then you’re probably wondering, “what is Reiki?” Here’s how I explain it:

Reiki is a Japanese term and is based on the idea that a spiritually guided life force energy flows through every one of us and this energy has healing capabilities. Anyone attuned to Reiki energy can call upon it to ask for healing.

If you were to google Reiki you’d undoubtedly come across conflicting information. I’ve seen the word quackery used to describe it and I’ve also heard about and read amazing success stories involving Reiki. Obviously, I’ve had some pretty remarkable experiences of my own involving birds and Reiki. I have even more incredible experiences that involve people.

The bottom-line is that we all get to believe whatever we want to believe. I’m not here to try to convince anyone of the power of Reiki… or the power of the law of attraction, for that matter.

I AM here to write about the effects they’ve had on my life… in my experiences and in the things they’ve helped me manifest.

We’re told we shouldn’t ignore reality. But when it comes to Reiki and law of attraction, ignoring the current reality is a powerful and necessary step to getting what we want.

Again, ask the birds.

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