Developing The Abundance Mindset By Making This One Distinction

In our world, the concept of abundance can be a tough one to grasp.

Take money, for instance. Money is always the perfect example to use when we’re talking about abundance.

How can there be enough money for everyone when we look around and see that some people have so much more than others? It’s pretty obvious, right?

For the concept to make sense, we have to make a distinction. We need to break abundance down into its two roles:

  1. The supplier of abundance
  2. The receiver of abundance

Using a supplier/receiver lens, supplying abundance is the job of Universe. When we ask, Universe supplies. It’s done. It’s a given. We don’t have to ask again.

But the sticky part is receiving. This is the part of abundance that’s our job and it’s where we get into trouble. The way we get into trouble is by thinking thoughts that prevent us from receiving it… for instance, thoughts of fear and doubt… of which there are plenty!

Examples of thoughts that hold up our abundance mindset might be:

  •  I don’t have enough education, experience, connections, smarts or charm to get that job/ client/ customer.
  • There’s not enough business for everyone.
  • No one ever taught me about abundance.
  • I have too much debt to ever get back on my feet.
  • I’m just not supposed to have money.

Anything look familiar here? The first one used to hold me up big time.

Deliberate creators develop an abundance mindset by believing Universe always does it’s job and there’s always enough for everyone. We know our job is to receive it, or let it in. And those times when we get tripped up and our stuff isn’t coming, we take as signs we need to work on our receiving skills.

Unlike what most of us have been taught since childhood, money doesn’t come to us because we work hard, were born into the right family, went to the best schools or earned a college education. We all know of instances where these situations simply did not produce the cash.

Money comes to us when we know how to receive it. Receiving is one of those skills we’re wise to practice and hopefully even master.

When we learn and practice the vibration of receiving, it’s as if we’re opening the door for money to come in.

More than hard work, education or degrees, money needs a way in. Focusing and thinking about the lack of it is merely locking the door and keeping it out.

Money is energy. It’s fluid and it wants in!

If your abundance isn’t finding it’s way to you, my recommendation is to tell a different story. Tell a money story that feels good to you. Let yourself experience some great-feeling vibes. Then watch what happens. When it does, I’d love for you to report back. Success stories are my fave!