Be The Vibrational Match Because Happiness Is An Inside Job

You know the story. You’ve barely pulled out of the driveway when the little kid in the backseat asks, “Are we THERE yet?”

Well, kids aren’t the only ones asking the question. We all do it. We ask it about getting the job we want, the relationship we’re longing for, the money we dream of, the house, the car, and the health that we crave.

Wanting things is normal. We’re supposed to want. It’s the crucial first step to getting the things we think will make our lives better.

It’s also the part we don’t enjoy very much. We’d much rather get what we want now so we can just be happy.

Only that’s not how it works.

We think that’s how it works.

But it’s not.

We think it’s the thing that makes us happy. We think when we get what we want, it’s going to change our lives and we’ll live happily ever after. But it never works out that way.

That’s because happiness is an inside job” isn’t just a cute saying. It’s really how it is.

The law of attraction says whatever we send out to the Universe is what we get more of in return. So if we want something that will make us happy, we need to feel that way now. In other words, we need to become a vibrational match to it.

We become a vibrational match when we allow ourselves to feel the good-feeling emotion that we’ll feel once what we want is ours. Feeling it now is our way of telling Universe to send us more things that make us feel that good.

Before taking action, deliberate creators know the best thing we can do is to align what we’re thinking and feeling with the energy of what we want to attract.

It’s really nothing new. The concept has been around for years and has been taught by thought leaders such as Napoleon HillNeville GoddardDr. Wayne DyerLouise Hay, and Esther Hicks, to name just a few. For some crazy reason we weren’t taught this as kids.

But the good news is it’s never too late. Life CAN get even better and it begins with being the vibrational match now!

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