One of my blog posts got featured on HuffPo in November 2015. In the meantime, the coaching I’m doing with parents, teachers and kids convinces me I need to add #11 to this list.

10 Things That Make Some Parents Seem A Little Weird

Some parents really are a little weird. They have little to say. Their heads are in the sand. They don’t have many friends. And what makes them seem even more weird is that they talk with their kids about things like… oh well, you might just want to read on…

More specifically:

  1. They have little to say… when everyone else is talking about how bad their kids are.
  2. They’re slow with advice… and quick with questions to help kids figure it out.
  3. When they want their kids to stop a certain behavior… they stop doing it themselves first.
  4. They know they’ve already learned more from their kids than their kids will ever learn from them.
  5. They credit their kids for making mom and dad better people.
  6. They intentionally keep their heads in the sand… about things they can’t control.
  7. When it comes to friends, they choose quality over quantity every time.
  8. When tension arises, they use it as an opportunity to get closer to their kids.
  9. They flat-out refuse to think like the crowd.
  10. They talk with their kids about things like… are you ready? They talk with their kids about feelings!

And here it is, #11…

These parents tell their kids that deliberately choosing their thoughts can make their dreams come true.

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