As with the Writing page of my website, this Editing page is multi-purposed.

Here I’ll tell you a little about the types of editing I offer and then I’ll elaborate on my philosophy about how together we can achieve the highest results for your editing project.

  • Do you need help developing the right content for your project?
  • Do you need someone to help with the fine tuning, including fact-checking, and identifying any possible inconsistencies?
  • Are you at the final stages of your project and need an editor to check with spelling and grammar?

Typically, clients prefer that I read through what they’ve written, make any spelling, punctuation or grammar changes necessary… and re-write for better explanation and reader comprehension.

I consider myself highly proficient editing content on the topics of business management, relationships (personal and professional), self-improvement and spirituality… and prefer to hold the focus of my writing and editing on these subject matters.

In case you are wondering, all of the content on this website was written by me, and hopefully offers insight on what to expect should you and I work together. 

My Philosophy

As your Editor, I have a vested interest in the success of your project. When we work together, I’m all in and I want you to succeed.

If you hire me to check the spelling, punctuation and grammar, and while doing so, I happen to notice an area or two where you could improve your message, I will politely give you that feedback.

Whether you take it or not is of course your call; and whatever you decide is fine by me.


Do you need the services of an Editor?

If you and I were to work on a project together, my preference would be to first have a brief phone conversation where you can fill me in on the project’s details.

Once we touch upon your expectations and timeframe, I’ll be able to propose a plan for moving forward, and also my anticipated costs for completing the project. (Preliminarily, I can tell you that my billing rate is $50 per hour and I work pretty fast.) 

Another major benefit of having a quick phone conversation is that you can ask me any questions you might have… not to mention, it also offers each of us the opportunity to decide if we’re a good fit for working together.

Let’s face it… the possibility does exist that for whatever reason, we may not click… and that would be okay too.

My belief is that “work” should be fun for both of us. If it’s not fun, then we can just remain friends, knowing there are better opportunities for us both out there.

What I find by doing business this way is that yes, it may take a few extra minutes. But honestly, I feel that the benefits of speaking directly with the people I do business with are well worth my time.

Relationships, after all, are the foundation upon which all business is done. Getting to know the people I work with truly adds to my enjoyment for what I do. And for me, enjoyment is essential!

Hopefully this page and all the pages of my website have given you an idea of who I am, how I write and how I do business. 

If your gut is giving you a positive vibe after digesting what you’ve read here, and you’d like to discuss your editing project, please use the contact form below so we can have a conversation and get your project started. 

Which project shall we work on first?

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